Just What I

I started on Glucobetic after a very careful scrutiny of the ingredients. I am extremely cautious about the supplements I take and I have been very happy that I tried Glucobetic.
I started on it when by blood sugar was 147. I was determined to get my blood sugar down without medication. Over the last year, it has steadily come down to 108. The results of my blood sugar tests gradually came down over the last year with three month averages as follows: 147, 129, 119, 108.


Glucobetic is a great product!


Ė B. Poerner, AZ


- J. Lucas, FL

Itís True - Glucobetic Works! Since starting on Glucobetic, I have more energy and am seeing normal blood sugar readings for the first time in 2 years. Ever since being diagnosed with Diabetes, I have been on oral medications. Unfortunately, most of the medications didnít agree with me. Previously, my blood sugar levels were 160 or more. Now with Glucobetic my blood sugar stays under 116! I'm not the kind of person who usually tries anything on the market that professes wondrous results, but everything you advertise about Glucobetic is true.

 - K. Brotby, CA


Glucobetic and Neuro-Betic
are a Winnning Combination!

Glucobetic is working quite well for me. I've reduced blood sugar by an average of about 40 points and been able to reduce my medications. The volatile swings have been reduced as well and I've been able to maintain normal sugar levels quite consistently.  I'm also using Neuro-Betic which appears to have several benefits. Peripheral neuropathy in my feet and arms has almost disappeared and the combination of the two products has worked out very well for me. At my recent quarterly checkup with my doctor, he was surprised at my greatly improved A1c which is now normal for the first time in several years.



- W. Banks, MI


Greatly Improved Test Results
I am pleased to say that in the last 12 months my A1c tests have come down from 7.9 to 6.0. I attribute this to your Glucobetic product, so I want to thank you very much. I have been a diabetic since 1996 and haven't felt this good in quite a few years. I highly recommend Glucobetic for anyone trying to get their diabetes under control.