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How Stress Affects Blood Sugar
“Stress plays a direct role in how your body responds to hormones that raise blood sugar. Under stress your body goes into fight or flight mode, raising blood sugar levels to prepare you for action. If your cells are insulin resistant, the sugar builds up in your blood with nowhere to go.” 1

Researchers have linked dozens of physical symptoms to stress overload, from fatigue to weight gain. Add another symptom to the list: the risk for high blood sugar. Read Article Stress can make the heart beat faster, the blood pressure yo-yo up and down, and the mind to race in a hundred different directions. Stress hormones that were meant to deal with short-term dangers are instead turned on for long periods of time causing the body to deal with chronically high levels of blood sugar.

*Fight Stress-Related High Blood Sugar with Glucobetic
Insulin resistance is the #1 enemy of blood sugar control for most diabetics. When stress causes the release of blood sugar, insulin resistance causes this sugar to build up in the bloodstream and not enter the cells to be burned for energy. While there is no shortage of events in our lives that cause us stress, we can limit the damaging effects it has on our body. Glucobetic is there to give you the daily help you need to battle stubborn high blood sugar. This innovative product provides reliable results with a proven track record of a 97% success rate. Glucobetic is an all-natural product not a drug that contains a broad spectrum of nutrients at the levels recommended for maximum benefit. Glucobetic works – we guarantee it! Product Details

*De-Stress with Nutritional Help from Stress B + C
The B vitamins came to be known as anti-stress nutrients because they are often the first deficiencies to develop during periods of stress. B Vitamins boost energy levels, improve mood, and help keep emotions on an even keel so that we can rationally deal with life’s challenges. Water-soluble nutrients such as the B Vitamins and Vitamin C are generally excreted at a faster rate during stress. Vitamin C is important because it improves glucose tolerance, strengthens the immune system and improves insulin’s response to blood sugar. Read Article

Flourish’s Stress B + C combines the full spectrum of 11 natural source B vitamins and Vitamin C with bioflavonoids into one complete formula. Stress B + C replenishes the nutrients that are robbed by daily stresses of life. We feel so strongly about the value of these nutrients for diabetics that we give this product to you at no charge with any minimum purchase on our website. Special Offer

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Diabetes Q & A
Question: Why is stress is related to abdominal weight gain and food cravings? Read Article

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Normal Blood Sugar Means Less Stress
I started taking Glucobetic a few months ago. My blood sugar bofore I began was 373 (even 402 one day). Along with watching my diet, my blood sugar is now between 109 and 135 and seems to stay normal. I believe Glucobetic has been a wonder for me. Thank you so much. - V. Kleinfelter,FL

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