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Volume 6 Issue 1
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Control Blood Sugar for Weight Loss
Diabetes – Don’t Let It Sabotage Your Weight Loss Goals
Are your clothes fitting a little tighter? Is your blood sugar too high? The average American gains only one pound over the Holidays, but the bad news is that this one pound stays and accumulates year to year, according to a study by the National Institute of Diabetes and Kidney Diseases. If you need another reason to control your blood sugar, note that you will continue to gain weight if blood sugars run high. Many times diet and exercise alone are not enough to reduce blood sugar to healthy levels.

Scientific studies have shown that specialized herbs and nutrients have been proven to normalize blood sugar and combat insulin resistance. This unique formulation brings together 11 of the most powerful ingredients from nature’s pharmacy. Glucobetic has helped tens of thousands of diabetics worldwide with a 97% success rate. Flourish Wellness is a leader in educating the public in the natural approach to normalizing blood sugar. Learn why Glucobetic is so effective. Read Article

Fat Loss Minerals – Chromium and Zinc
Chromium is without a doubt the most important mineral for the prevention and treatment of insulin resistance. At least 90% of Americans don’t get enough Chromium in their diet. By helping to increase insulin sensitivity and to lower high insulin levels, Chromium aids in fat loss and weight control. Chromium can also help reduce sugar cravings and help maintain lean muscle tissue.
Glucobetic contains 240 mcg of Chromium per serving.
Zinc, the second most abundant trace mineral in the body, plays critical roles in glucose regulation, the proper function of insulin and weight control. Zinc may also be involved in the development of obesity because it affects the blood levels of leptin, a hormone that influences appetite. If leptin levels are low from inadequate Zinc intake, we may never feel full or may continue to have food cravings and overeat. Glucobetic contains 15 mg of Zinc per serving.

A New Year’s Resolution You Can Live With
High blood sugar is the greatest single danger for people with type II diabetes, because over time the presence of too much blood sugar is linked with long-term complications, such as heart disease, kidney failure and blindness. The New Year is a great time to focus on fitness, a healthy diet and bringing your blood sugar under control. Exercise is good for everyone, especially for diabetics. Exercise burns calories, improves circulation, lowers blood pressure and improves strength. Read Article. A healthy diet is a must for diabetics who have impaired carbohydrate metabolism. One hundred percent of the carbohydrates you eat turn into glucose, while only 58% of protein is converted into glucose. Read Article. You can also give yourself an extra edge in controlling your blood sugar with Glucobetic. The traditional scientific community is beginning to realize what natural healers have known for centuries, that specific herbs and nutrients have the ability to work with the body to normalize blood sugar. Read Article

Glucobetic Has It All – At A Bargain Price
Glucobetic contains all 11 ingredients proven to lower blood sugar in a natural way. Now there is no need to purchase a variety of pills and capsules to get the nutrients present in a bottle of Glucobetic. This convenience also comes at a bargain price. If you purchased these ingredients separately, the cost would be $72.57 – Glucobetic costs only $29.95. Even more important than convenience and price is effectivness. We guarantee that Glucobetic will work for you. Try it risk-free for 30 days. Cost Comparison

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Eye Formula - Comprehensive Nutritional Support

Natural Constipation Relief

Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

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Glucobetic, Diet and Weight Loss
I started Glucobetic when my morning sugar was 460. Your product was recommended by my best friend who is diabetic. With Glucobetic, diet and weight loss, my blood sugar is now staying around 120. I still have a long way to go but with the added support of your product I am sure that I will continue to make good progress. I am so happy and my friends in the medical community are amazed. Thanks so much. – C. Hernandez, TX

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