It's Exhilarating To Have Control!
I just wanted to say how pleased I am with Glucobetic. Since I started with the product almost 30 days ago in conjunction with prescription medication, my blood sugar has gone from 180 - 200 average fasting to 75 - 110. Only a diabetic knows what an exhilarating feeling this is. I am looking forward to my next A1C. Truly this has been the most promising natural formulation I have ever tried. Thanks and keep up the good work.   C. Stuart , GA

Blood Sugar Down More Than 100 Points!

Since taking Glucobetic my blood sugar numbers have gone down by over a hundred points! My diabetes was out of control before I started taking Glucobetic. I have even been able to reduce my insulin. My health was in crisis and now I have the energy to ride my new 3-D SeaDoo with my husband. Thanks so much!      M. Loftus, CA

I Was Skeptical, But Glucobetic Is Wonderful!

I am a very happy man today. I found that Glucobetic has worked for me, especially when I take three a day. I was super skeptical, but my numbers have come down into the normal range of 4-6 (equivalent to 70-120 in the US). I used to get readings that went to 11 and 12. Congratulations on your wonderful product.     K. Mejer, England

Life-Changing Product - The Testimonials are True!
This past December, I had tests and my blood sugar was WAY high, almost off the charts - 381 fasting. In 3.5 weeks by following the restrictive diet my doctor put me on and taking Glucobetic twice a day, my blood sugar (fasting) came down from 381 to 82 - WOW!!! My Naturopathic doctor thought I had started on conventional diabetic prescriptions to get results that quickly. He was amazed when I showed him Glucobetic.

I was skeptical about Glucobetic at first because of all the other products that gave such glowing testimonials that were hardly believable. One thing that is VERY important is to take it regularly. Miss and skip doesn't work! Diabetes needs control and this is why you are taking it - TO CONTROL DIABETES!! Thank you for your wonderful product - one that you can trust - that lives up to the testimonials - has no side effects and is affordable to boot.             G. Schneider, WA

Reduced Insulin Dosage
I have been able to cut my insulin use by 1/3 since starting on Glucobetic. My son is now taking it as well and I am recommending it to my diabetic friends.      B. Mason, AZ

No More Crashes Tremendous Improvement!
My sugar levels have greatly reduced and stabilized since taking Glucobetic. My sugar was extremely difficult to control and I had a very hard time keeping it under 200 without suffering crashing low blood sugar levels. After 6 weeks I have reduced my insulin to 20 units a day and my sugar stays stabilized between 90 and 130. This is a tremendous improvement for me. Thank you!     G. Garland, PA

Incredible Results for My Father
I ordered the Glucobetic for my father who has been using various prescription drugs for several years now - with only mediocre results. Then his employment was terminated - he of course lost his medical coverage - and was without any medicine at all and rapidly began to deteriorate. Within 4 months he could barely walk. After one month of Glucobetic you would not believe the difference, you would have to see it to believe it. He went from hardly being able to walk to climbing a long flight of stairs with little or no trouble at all in less than one month! Incredible. God bless you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart.   J. Cabak, TX

My Blood Sugar is the Best It's Been in a Year
I'm amazed that my blood sugar is doing so well on Glucobetic. Today, I woke up and it was 128. I haven't seen that in about a year. I'm really happy now and I feel really good. Glucobetic is keeping my blood sugar out of the danger zone. Thank you for a product that really works. E. Amaral, MA

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